A Gracious Guest Room

by kathyregini | Comments Off on A Gracious Guest Room

It goes without saying that a guest room has a good bed with fresh linens. But what other things make your guest really feel at home? Here are some extra touches you may consider:

  1. Bed side table with reading lamp, clock, water carafe & glass, box of tissues.
  2. A place to set a suitcase -folding luggage rack or bench
  3. Chair to sit and have a place for resting clothes at night
  4. Empty closet with matching hangers, extra pillows, extra blanket, ironing board and iron, and hamper
  5. Full length mirror
  6. Empty dresser
  7. Waste basket
  8. Door hook for purse & jacket

Last, it should be clutter free- this should not be a space for your excess stuff. Should be a relaxing retreat for your guest.


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