A Redesigned Holiday Home

by kathyregini | Comments Off on A Redesigned Holiday Home

I’ve talked about how the right holiday atmosphere can help sell a home. Many of those same design principles can apply for decorating a home that you plan on enjoying for many holidays to come…the cohesive color palette, the simple and elegant, look & feel.  If you are looking to redesign your home this holiday, (the ideas are introduced in my blog “Selling your Home during the Holiday Season”) here are a few more beautiful images that I hope will inspire you…

Natural greens and white flowers.







Natural accessories… pine cones, bundles of cinnamon sticks, fresh cranberries, cream-colored candles, and mercury glass for a little sparkle.










Edible decor: fruit, berries, fancy cakes, holiday cookies, special candies chocolates & nuts. Champagne and festive flutes.

present wrapped with organic gift wrap






Gift wrap with an organic touch.

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