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Allow me to introduce myself

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Have you ever been inspired by a home you saw in a movie or tv show? I fell in love with the kitchen in the movie “It’s Complicated”, with Meryl Streep & Alec Baldwin last year.

Ironically, it was a kitchen that the protagonist was getting ready to remodel! I thought it was perfect just the way it was and I immediately wanted to find those pendant lights that hung over her kitchen island. My husband has gotten used to the idea of my wanting to change things around the house frequently. I can’t help myself, I see beautiful things and I want to incorporate them into my life.

My name is Kathy Regini and this is my design blog. I have a Redesign & Staging business in Boulder, Colorado, called A Change of Space.  I like to kid with my husband that I want to “ beautify Boulder one house at a time”. He is very glad that a lot of these new, amazing items that I find make their way into my clients’ homes and not our own.

All kidding aside, my strength is AFFORDABLE design finds. My heart sinks when I see a special piece in a design magazine and it has an exorbitant price tag. “Who can afford this”, I always ask myself. I am also very much about re-positioning furnishings…that’s what Redesign is. My specialty is working with what clients already have, making it better. WAY better! It’s a modern approach to design… design for the real world. With optimal furniture placement, good lighting, well placed art, and a few new accessories, you have a whole new look. Better living through good design!

My plan is to blog on a variety of design topics intended to inspire you to beautify and update your home through the seasons. I will share photos and links that feature modestly priced, but very beautiful things for your home. And perhaps a few small splurges along the way! Sometimes small touches can make a big impact.It’s all in the details. This is a place where questions and comments are encouraged, and readers can share my passion. Creating a great home should be fun, not overwhelming, intimidating, or expensive. It’s about expressing your personality and also trying a few new ideas. I think really wonderful homes develop slowly, over time.

I’m looking forward to this! Stay tuned…