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Bar Cart in your Dining Area

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If all you have in your dining is a table and chairs because you do not have room for a buffet/sideboard, consider the bar cart. Super useful and attractive.

Flooring with a Twist

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If you are putting in hardwood floors and are looking to add interest to your entry, consider adding an accent area with wood laid out in a chevron or herringbone pattern. There are also ready made medallions for this purpose.

Non Traditional Fall Decorating

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Fall is almost here! This year, if you are up for a change, forego the traditional orange, yellow and red stuff, and add plum with neutrals  instead. It’s a little more modern and hip. Gather your cozy throws and cut branches, just maybe skip the orange pumpkins and yellow gourds!

My favorite neutral paint colors

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Here are my Benjamin Moore go to colors for neutral walls

Classic Gray OC-23
Classic Gray
Revere Pewter HC-172
Revere Pewter
Balboa Mist
Balboa Mist
Stonington Gray HC-170
Stonington Gray

Black and White Decor: Timeless classic

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If you can’t settle on a color palette, consider black & white.  

Crate and Barrel.

Daily Camera Article

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I am in an article in the Daily Camera (Boulder Newspaper) today about real estate & staging during co-vid 19.

Creating a Backyard Retreat

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  1. Add a Water Feature. The trickling sounds are soothing
  2. Layer in Plants. Plenty of greenery is key.
  3. Develop Privacy with an arbor, trellis, or curtain panels. Make it feel like an actual room.
  4. Use Containers in different sizes and heights to add interest and texture
  5. Add String Lighting for a cozy effect
  6. Build a Fire Pit
  7. Put up a Hammock or Tree Swing
  8. Have plenty of Comfortable Seating


Staging during Co-Vid

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Now that the “stay at home” order has been lifted in Colorado, I am staging houses again! But the pandemic has changed the way I work….and I’m not just talking safety precautions. The pandemic has created the “work from home revolution” and my clients are asking me to stage home offices or even multiple work spaces because this is high on people’s lists right now. With on-line learning and parents working remotely, I need to show how a home will function for everyone who lives there. 

I started this business in 2007, when the recession was in full swing. Yet my business grew that year and every year since. Whether its a seller’s market or a buyer’s market, staging stays constant. A well styled home is critical to having it sell fast and for more money-that hasn’t changed!

Styling your Front Porch

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Spruce up your curb appeal with a welcoming front porch. Planters, rugs, comfortable seating, and decorative pillows create interest and beauty to your home.

Landscape Tips to Sell

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Potential home buyers form their first impression of a home from its curb appeal. So…

Spruce up outdoor containers

Container plants, especially large tropicals, add interest to front porches, patios and flanking the front door. 

Top off the mulch

Apply a fresh layer in all your garden beds. It enhances the color & contrast of the surrounding plants.

Tend to perennial/annual flower beds

 Trim back any untidy looking perennials and add colorful annuals in garden beds. 

Shape overgrown trees and shrubs

Remove dead branches and prune to desired shape. 

Clean water features.

Get rid of any visible algae, remove leaves and clean filters so that the water is crystal clear. 

Power-wash dirty surfaces.

Power wash paved/stone surfaces. This also applies to fences, brick & siding if needed.