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Creating A Master Retreat

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It’s common to spend your decorating energy and budget on the main rooms of a house. But don’t overlook the master bedroom! It’s important to have a space that is all your own, with things you really love. A calm, peaceful refuge. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Lighting. Avoid overhead lights, opt for floor an table lamps on dimmers.
  2. Bedding. Invest in quality, a beautiful, inviting bed with super soft linens.
  3. Carpet. Add a fluffy, soft carpet underfoot.
  4. Color. Keep it neutral- more soothing.

When you need inspiration, think about expensive hotel rooms. They know.

Open House Checklist

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When your home is on the market and your realtor has scheduled an open house, here’s your checklist!

ACOS-Open House Checklist


Simple and Beautiful Design

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The Scandinavians know stylish simplicity. Their approach is to pare things down, rather than adorn and embellish.  The result is not minimalist or clinical,  it’s cozy and inviting. They use natural materials and strike a great balance of comfort, function, and beauty. Although it’s thoughtful, it is also clean and uncomplicated.   The perfect environment to make you feel happier!

Tips for Winter Curb Appeal

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If you are selling your home, you should not slack on curb appeal just because it’s winter. Making that great first impression is still very important. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Remove any snow/ice on front walk way. It is not a good feeling to slip and slide–we only want positive thoughts as buyers approach the home.
  2. Keep the yard tidy. Rake and use the blower to pick up debris.
  3. Make sure the front door is perfect-paint or stain if needed, replace dated or worn hardware, and possibly even add a beautiful winter wreath.
  4. Clean the front porch lighting so the glass sparkles, and make sure the bulbs match and give off good light.
  5.  Add a large planter or two with cold weather plants in them such as small evergreen trees or bushes.
  6. Place a large, good quality mat in front of door.


Design Trend 2018: Mixing Metals

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I know gold & brass is very on-trend right now in home decor. But I think it can really be over done. Mixing metals is a much more subtle approach that adds character and depth, and looks more casual and effortless.  Mix warm (gold, brass, copper) and cool metals (chrome, brushed silver, gun metal) for the best result.

A Great Way to add Storage to your Kitchen

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I think this is brilliant! Functional, hidden away and everyone has the space to do it!

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018

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I had someone ask me what Pantone was the other day. Pantone forecasts seasonal global color trends. It is actually taken very seriously by major corporations when deciding on goods manufactured, as well as color palates for design of commercial spaces.   So… for 2018 the color is a blue based purple: ULTRA VIOLET.

With interior design, this can be a tricky color to work with, as it is very bold and strong. I probably would not recommend it for wall color. But it can be used sparingly as small pops, or you can find variations of this color that are a little more muted and have some grey. Below is a picture of how it could be used.

Beautiful Floor Lighting

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I think these are a work of art. Functional and beautiful.

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Staging Across America-Redfin Article

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Excited to be part of an article published by Redfin about secrets of preparing your home for sale by city. Have a look!

Front Porch Curb Appeal

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Planters are a way to give your front entry area curb appeal. They soften the space and make it more welcoming.