Beautiful Accessorizing

by kathyregini | Comments Off on Beautiful Accessorizing

You know how you can put on a great little black dress, but without jewelry, heels and a cute bag, it won’t look amazing. You have to accessorize! In your home, accessories are the touches of color, texture and shape that finish a space. They make a room come alive and are an integral part of the design. It’s important to set aside a budget for these elements when you are creating a new look. images-470157706665542313_3yQAQWEQ_bimages-3images-5Unknown-1   Here are a few ideas for successful accessorizing. 1. Use special items that speak to you. 2. Your accessories should reflect your personality. 3 You can have a theme-modern, beach, etc. 4. Choose colors that add interest and coordinate with the color palette of the room. 5. If you have a neutral color scheme,  add a pop of color and repeat three times. 6. Create groups of 3 or 5 by similar object or color. 7. Vary the height of tabletop accessories for balance and interest ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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