Creating Zones for Open Concept Living

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As wonderful as open concept is, it can be challenging to figure out how to place the furniture. In large, open rooms, it frequently makes sense to establish zones for different activities: TV watching, eating, work area, reading nook, cozy fireplace seating, are some examples. It also ensures that every part of the space is fully utilized.

A Smart Laundry Closet

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Just because your laundry area is small, it doesn’t mean it can’t be super functional and attractive. These examples below show how a well laid out laundry closet can have many great features such as a sink for washing delicates, a folding ironing board, or even a built in hamper.

Update your stairs with a New Railing

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Removing a dated railing can do wonders for your home, especially if your staircase is in a visible and central location. Combinations of wood, metal, and wire are clean and simple and provide an immediate update for your home.

A Gracious Guest Room

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It goes without saying that a guest room has a good bed with fresh linens. But what other things make your guest really feel at home? Here are some extra touches you may consider:

  1. Bed side table with reading lamp, clock, water carafe & glass, box of tissues.
  2. A place to set a suitcase -folding luggage rack or bench
  3. Chair to sit and have a place for resting clothes at night
  4. Empty closet with matching hangers, extra pillows, extra blanket, ironing board and iron, and hamper
  5. Full length mirror
  6. Empty dresser
  7. Waste basket
  8. Door hook for purse & jacket

Last, it should be clutter free- this should not be a space for your excess stuff. Should be a relaxing retreat for your guest.


DIY Kitchen updates

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Here are a few ideas for updates that won’t break the bank and can make a big difference.

1. New cabinet hardware- updates tired cabinets

2. New faucet- instant style

3.Add free standing stainless steel island-adds functionality, too!

4. New lighting- gorgeous pendant styles out there now

5. Replace backsplash-glass or subway is a great way to go

6. Add herbs in pots of a cheerful color -adds an organic softness

7. Add a fun colored rug


The Beauty of an Open Staircase

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Open staircases are beautiful and functional, often filled with more light, plus feeling more spacious that traditional stairs with walls on both sides.

The Beauty of Subway Tile

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Last three kitchens I helped to remodel, the homeowners wanted subway tile backsplashes. It’s an awesome choice! It is so flexible…goes with a variety of cabinet styles, always classic (yet on trend!), and makes a great backdrop for wood or other color accents. Especially when paired with gray grout, it’s amazing. My no-fail go-to!



Mirrors in the Home

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Mirrors are a great way to capture light and reflect beautiful things. Here are a few suggestions:

1.Use them in narrow hallways, staircases and small rooms to widen the spaces visually.

2.Lean large upright mirrors rather than installing them on the wall. Place on floor and allow to rest against wall. Adds instant texture and interest to a spot.

3. Place mirrors across from a future you love, a window, a piece of art, chandelier, etc. It needs to reflect something that is worth looking at!


Moveable Kitchen Island

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If you could use a little extra workable counter space, a rolling/moveable kitchen island may be the solution. Stainless is a perfect choice for a material as it goes with most kitchens, and you don’t have to worry about coordinating counter tops or cabinetry!

Creating A Master Retreat

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It’s common to spend your decorating energy and budget on the main rooms of a house. But don’t overlook the master bedroom! It’s important to have a space that is all your own, with things you really love. A calm, peaceful refuge. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Lighting. Avoid overhead lights, opt for floor an table lamps on dimmers.
  2. Bedding. Invest in quality, a beautiful, inviting bed with super soft linens.
  3. Carpet. Add a fluffy, soft carpet underfoot.
  4. Color. Keep it neutral- more soothing.

When you need inspiration, think about expensive hotel rooms. They know.