Design for an Open Concept Home

by kathyregini | Comments Off on Design for an Open Concept Home

It used to be that open floor plans were limited to a specific geographic area, like California…the land of casual, informal living. Now the open floor plan is popular in pretty much every market. The old formal living & dining rooms that our parents loved, have been replaced by large, flexible spaces that are used as needed. Walls are being torn down…and many new construction homes don’t even have formal rooms in the floor plans.

But there is an art to making an open concept home look great and work well.  For starters, it’s important for all the elements in the living areas work together and that the adjoining areas are cohesive. When I stage an open concept home, I start by using a monochromatic color scheme. Also, furniture can be placed to create different seating areas to break up a larger space.  Examples would be maybe two large, comfy chairs by the fireplace, a leather reading chair by a wall of books to give the library effect, a conversation area, a tv lounging area…you get the picture. Since there is no division between rooms, another way to define spaces is to use area rugs. Take a look at the photo below.

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