Diagonal Furniture Placement

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I frequently arrange furniture on the bias because it can make a room feel larger. And when you are trying to stage/sell a home, the feeling of spaciousness is very important.  Diagonal placement is also unexpected and interesting, making a boring room come to life.

You can do this successfully in your own home, but just be aware that it eats up a lot of space, so it is not meant for really small rooms.  The trick is to keep it simple, with just a few pieces. By not placing furniture along the walls, open floor space is created in the corners, and it’s a great place for additional lighting. Up-lights work well. Also the room needs to have a focal point such as a fireplace or picture window. One can be created with a beautiful armoire if you don’t have one. Placing the sofa and chairs at a 45 degree angle draws the eye right to that focal point.


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