Staging: Get the Most Money for your House

by kathyregini | Comments Off on Staging: Get the Most Money for your House


2012-07-101Most buyers do not want to have to do anything to their new home initially…they are tired from the stress of searching for a place to live, dealing with the mortgage company, and may have put down all the money they have for the down payment. There may not be the energy or funds for home improvement projects.

That’s why you should never put your house on the market “as is”.  Show it “at it’s best”, where people just fall in love with it and envision a quick and easy move-in. People who look for fixer uppers are generally contractors, and house flippers, looking for a great deal. Do you really want to accept bottom dollar for your home? I know putting a little money, time & energy into a home you are trying to sell doesn’t sound like fun, but you could lose tens of thousands of dollars if you don’t! Stage it!


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