Living in a Home that Flows

by kathyregini | Comments Off on Living in a Home that Flows

If  you want a house that looks”designed”,  be clear with style of your home from the minute you walk in the front door. Modern, eclectic, transitional…what ever you happen to love. But the theme should run through out. Beyond furniture, & rug choices, it can be found even in the little things, like having consistent moulding, doors and windows styles, for example.  Also stay consistent with finishes on fixtures and hardware. Have a 3 or 4  color paint palette and just repeat it all over the home. If you decide on building an addition, make sure it looks like it belongs with the rest of the house…do not introduce a new style of architecture. Each room should look like it belongs to the same cohesive house, not be a series of disjointed rooms. Do this and your home will look well designed rather than thrown together. For living  or selling.

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