Open House Checklist

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Does  your Realtor want to schedule an Open House? Hopefully you have already gotten your house professionally staged and it’s in tip top shape, but here’s my Open House Checklist, just in case!


  1. House is clean, top to bottom.
  2. Windows washed, inside and out.
  3. Beds made.
  4. Dishes washed and put away.
  5. Trash bins emptied.
  6. All signs that a pet lives in your home have been removed.
  7. Clutter put away.
  8. All window treatments opened.
  9. All lights on.
  10. Subtle music playing.
  11. Fresh guest towels in the bathrooms.
  12. Fresh flowers in the foyer.
  13. A bowl of lemons or fresh fruit on the kitchen counter.
  14. Thermostat set at a comfortable temperature.
  15. Fireplace going during the Fall & Winter months.
  16. Battery operated candles are on.
  17. Garage door down, and no cars in the driveway
  18. Decks & patios swept clean.
  19. Lawn mowed & edged.
  20. Family stays away during the hours of the Open House.

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