Before and After comparison of recent staging and remodeling projects

Westcliff Before

Westcliff After

Tesla Kitchen Before

Tesla Kitchen After

South Living Room Before

South Living Room After

Lake Meadow Living Room Before

Lake Meadow Living Room After

26th Street Bathroom Before

26th Street Bathroom After

Balsam Living Room Before

Balsam Living Room After

High Street Office Before

High Street Office After

Roundtree Kitchen Before

Roundtree Kitchen After

Outrigger Living Room Before

Outrigger Living Room After

Fairfield Dining Room Before

Fairfield Dining Room After

Eldorado Living Room Before

Eldorado Living Room After

Sundance Living Room Before

Sundance Living Room After

Beauprez Before

Beauprez After

Albion Living Room Before

Albion Living Room After

95th Street Hallway Before

95th Street Hallway After

26th Street Shower Before

26th Street Shower After

Hawthorne Living Room Before

Hawthorne Living Room After

26th Street Living Room Before

26th Street Living Room After

8th Street Dining Room Before

8th Street Dining Room After

Norwood LR Before

Norwood LR After

26th Street Office Before

26th Street Office After

26th Street Dining Room Before

26th Street Dining Room After

Hawthorne DR Before

Hawthorne DR After

Norwood DR Before

Norwood DR After

Judson Living Room Before

Judson Living Room After

Sundance Dining Room Before

Sundance Dining Room After

Kane Living Room Before

Kane Living Room After

Buckingham Before

Buckingham After

Cottage Lane Before

Cottage Lane After

Dakota Living Room  Before

Dakota Living Room After

7th Street Before

7th Street After

Alpine Before

Alpine After

7th Street Before

7th Street After

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