Selling your Home: Open House Checklist

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This is the handout I give to sellers after I have staged, so they can keep the house looking great for open houses or showings.

Open House Checklist

  1. House clean
  2. Beds made
  3. Dishes washed and put away
  4. Trash bins emptied
  5. Everyday papers and clutter out of sight
  6. All window coverings opened
  7. All lights on
  8. Fresh towels in bathrooms
  9. Thermostat at a comfortable temperature
  10. Fireplace going during Fall and Winter months
  11. Battery operated candles on
  12. Garage door down, and no cars in the driveway
  13. Decks and patios swept clean
  14. Lawn mowed
  15. All signs that a pet lives there are removed.
  16. Pets and family members away during open house

Provided by Kathy Regini, owner of A Change of Space



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