Home Staging

Owner Occupied 

Because we love our homes just as they are… comfortable, familiar, and filled with great memories, most of us have a hard time looking at them objectively. But potential buyers  frequently decide whether they like a home within minutes of entering, so it must make a great first impression. A staging expert can more clearly evaluate strengths and weaknesses and make your home more beautiful and inviting. Starting at $500.


If you have moved out and the house remains vacant, you may have trouble selling for a variety of reasons:

  1. Empty spaces lack warmth
  2. Buyers tend to focus on flaws/wear & tear because every imperfection is exposed
  3. People have a difficult time visualizing how they might use certain spaces
  4. Older homes appear tired and in need of renovation
  5. Tract homes lack individuality and style

Staging a vacant home with contemporary furnishings brings it to life! Starting at $1500 (3 rooms)

              Staging Consult

For the seller who wants to prepare his/her own home for sale. A walk through, room by room, discussing what changes can be made for greatest impact. Furniture editing, layout and curb appeal are some of the topics addressed. Includes an Open House Checklist.  $200-$300 depending on size of home and location 


Home Redesign

Would you like your home to be a more beautiful and inviting space? Redesign optimizes furniture layout and adds new decorative elements to achieve a cohesive look. Let us reinvent and breathe a fresh life into your home, yet still have it reflect your personality and lifestyle.  A balanced and harmonious space can improve how you feel every day, and you will have renewed enjoyment of your home. We can help with:

  • Defining your style and everyday needs
  • Finding a color palette & selecting paint colors
  • Improving room layout & function
  • Establishing a consistent tone from room to room for cohesive flow
  • Art & accessories placement
  • Lighting solutions
  • Coordinating window coverings, rugs, & fabrics

In-home consult/implementation: $200 for 1.5 hours.


Remodel Design & Materials Selection

The wealth of options for remodeling can be daunting. Space planning and layout are crucial, and selecting flooring, cabinets, counters, appliances, fixtures, hardware, & paint also play a big part. We can help you with all of it, making the process smoother and faster. The result is a coordinated, well-designed look. Budget wisely and prioritize your spending.

$100/hr or bid provided for entire project

Color Consultation

Color can be used to link spaces visually, add architectural interest, create ambiance, and enhance furnishings.  Let us find a color scheme for your homes’ unique features. Interior, exterior or both. $200 

Personal Shopping

Time efficient sourcing of furnishings, rugs, accessories, art & lighting. Store visits or on-line. $100/hr, 2 hr minimum.