The Home Entry: A Welcoming First Impression

by kathyregini | Comments Off on The Home Entry: A Welcoming First Impression


“If every house tells a story, each entry hall is an opening chapter. And nothing makes you give up on a book faster than a boring introduction.”

 Jan Showers  -Glamorous Rooms


My 5 Foyer Essentials:

1.  Dark rug made of a durable material. Protects against slips and falls and helps keep the rest of the house clean.

2.  Console/Table. A place for keys, mail, etc.

3.  Coat rack if you do not have room in your entry closet for a visitor’s coat, scarf & hat.

4.  Seating. A comfortable place to put on or take off shoes.

5.  Big mirror.  Check your look before you head out the front door. Also makes the space feel larger and reflect light.

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