Top 3 Home Selling Resolutions for 2014

by kathyregini | Comments Off on Top 3 Home Selling Resolutions for 2014
  1. Eliminate any potential objections that might keep the buyer from making a fair offer. People are always looking for a reason to offer you less money for your home, so fix anything that doesn’t work, paint, and replace anything that is worn out or outdated. If your home is competitively priced and it’s condition exceeds a buyer’s expectations, you’ll get a good offer.
  2. Clean the house, top to bottom, and have it professionally staged. Buyer’s want to see an HGTV home, not your junk and clutter everywhere
  3. Invite a couple of agents to create a comparative marketing analysis. Don’t just hire whoever sold you your house. See what each person is willing to do to get it sold-which marketing plan will work best for you. They might have differing ideas of how much the house is worth, and may even have a buyer in mind for a quick sale.


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