Top 4 Reasons to Stage your Home

by kathyregini | Comments Off on Top 4 Reasons to Stage your Home


Obviously, I’m a big believer in staging because I have this business. But in case you are still not convinced…

1.-In a survey of over 3500 homes, professionally staged homes sold for 6% more than their un-staged neighbors. You will get top dollar for your home.

2.- In a recent Real Estate Staging Association Survey, professionally staged homes spent 72% less time on the market. Your house will sell faster.

3.- In a National Association of Realty Survey, over 81% of buyers said it was easier to visualize the property as their next home.

4. -According to NAR, over 95% of buyers look online before they call an agent to schedule a viewing. On-line photos of staged homes look better.

There you go!


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