Top Secrets for Selling your Home Fast

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  1. Price it right to begin with. If anything, list it just a tad under market value to get tons of showings and hopefully they’ll be caught in a bidding war!
  2. Curb appeal. Make a great first impression with things like a newly painted front door and pots of colorful flowers by the front door. Think: warm and welcoming.
  3. Replace anything worn or broken and make needed repairs. Your home must look well maintained, inside and out. Clean goes without saying.
  4. Update your kitchen and baths. New hardware, faucets, whatever you can afford…put the bulk of your money here.
  5. Have the home professionally staged and keep show ready. A stager will declutter, depersonalize, and arrange the furniture to showcase the floor plan. Your house will be more appealing to a greater number of people.
  6. Lighten Up. Keep all curtains and blinds open during the day and put high voltage bulbs in all light fixtures. The home must be bright and cheerful!
  7. Empty out your closets/storage areas. Remove whatever you can live without for the next three months and place in storage. Organize what’s left…buyers do look inside! Over stuffed closets signal not enough storage.
  8. Remove all signs that a pet lives here.  Some equate animals with dirt ,smell and a wornout house. Don’t plant that seed.


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